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What type of wedding cake is for me and how do I choose it?

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Many wedding cake clients come to me somewhat overwhelmed by the variety of options available to them when choosing a wedding cake for their special day. Having browsed the internet and scoured Pinterest, they often emerge from this 'research process' no less confused or indecisive. Don't worry if you fall into the category of either clueless or bamboozled! Making a choice about your cake is not that hard and should be fun rather than daunting! Follow this little guide as a starter and you can't go wrong, or you'll at least have a much better idea of what direction you're going in!

First things first, I find it helpful to look at the basic finish you would like for your cake. Think of it as a blank canvas that can be decorated to compliment the overall 'vibe' of your wedding.

#1 The Classic Fondant Iced one

Fondant icing continues to be a popular choice for tiered wedding cakes. It can be used to create a smooth, elegant finish but can also be textured for a more modern and elaborate look . If you choose a professional and talented Wedding cake maker, your imagination is the limit when it comes to a fondant iced cake.

If you're looking for a classic, structured cake for a formal venue or a cake adorned with ruffles, sugar flowers, drapes or bows, a fondant covered cake is a good choice for you. Fondant cakes are also largely more suitable in the hotter Summer months as they are less prone to drying out and hold their form more than their buttercream finished counterparts!

#2 The Buttercream Finished One

A distinctly yummy alternative to the classic fondant iced wedding cake! Many of my customers today opt for a buttercream style wedding cake as they're not keen on the taste and consistency of fondant icing. When made correctly, buttercream is rich, luxurious and velvety, making an excellent accompaniment to a moist layer of sponge cake.

While there are some limitations to this style of wedding cake, (they are more sensitive to warmer temperatures and are a little more tricky to stack) there are so many beautiful designs that can be achieved with a buttercream finish. Buttercream can be textured to compliment a rustic themed wedding or smoothed to create a much sleeker, elegant tone.

Long story short, buttercream cakes are delicious and a fantastic alternative for those who prefer not to opt for a fondant finish

#3 The Naked One

One step further away from traditionally iced Wedding cake and leaving nothing to the imagination! The naked cake's gorgeous layers and fillings are on show for all to see. The versatility of this style of wedding cake combined with its cost effectiveness make it an appealing option for many.

Besides the attraction of exposed layers and sumptuous fillings, there are almost endless options to further embellish a naked wedding cake. Many couples choose fresh fruit, flowers, or other rustic decorations.

In my opinion, as long as your Wedding cake maker has a great eye for detail and precision, this style of cake can look just as stunning as a fully iced cake. If you like the simplicity of this style then go for it, get Naked!


# 4 The Semi-Naked One

A close relative to the Naked Wedding Cake, the Semi-Naked cake differs only in that it has a layer of buttercream to the outer surface.

How thick this buttercream layer is can be altered to meet your personal preference. It can be scraped back to a minimum, or applied more thickly, with some areas left visible to achieve a truly semi-naked effect.

As with a naked wedding cake, this style offers so many options in terms of design. It is often chosen over a fully 'nude' cake, however, because its buttercream 'dressing' (no matter how minimal) provides a barrier to keep moisture in the cake and prevent it from drying out as quickly as a fully naked cake might.

#5 The Cupcake One

If you are looking for a complete departure from a classic tiered cake, a cupcake tower might be the choice for you. Although cupcakes aren't 'traditional' wedding cake material, they have become popular over the 10-15 years and have proved that they're not just a passing trend.

Consider this option if you like the idea of multiple flavours and bespoke decorations that can be handmade to match your decor. Large towers of cupcakes can be a real centrepiece in big and small venues alike and can be finished with a top cutting cake if you want to retain an element of the traditional.

Regardless of which 'basic' style of cake you choose, perhaps the most important thing is finding the right person to make it for you. Find a wedding cake maker that you feel comfortable chatting with and that you are happy will listen to your ideas!

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